The treasure of Kalmakreh cave, including hundreds of exquisite gold and silver objects, including dishes, rhyton, human and animal statues, masks, plaques, bracelets, etc., was discovered by villagers in 1989 in Pol Dokhtar Lorestan. Unfortunately, due to insufficient protection, this precious treasure was looted. However, the unique feature of these objects opened a new field in the studies of archeology and Iranian art history. This cave was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran in 2005.

BNI, registration No. 41848 has been funded by Mrs. Neda Tehrani, a PhD degree holder in Ethnoarchaeology and museum artifact photographer together with Mr. Nima Fakhoorzadeh, graphic designer and art director for the purpose of consulting, promoting and other services related to Iran museum and archaeological sites.
The main missions of BNI are researching, preparing, and organizing data around historical and cultural museum objects along with performing professional 2D and 3D photography of objects and archaeological sites. We also produce Museum books, merchandises and arachnological replicas, cards, bookmarks, magnets, using original artifacts available in themuseums to promote local and international tourism inflow and educate children about Iran history.
During last 10 years BNI has been cooperating with domestic and international museums including Iran National Museum, Sepah Bank Museum, Bank Melli Iran Museum, Persepolis Museum, Reza Abbasi Museum, International Dolls Museum, Louvre and Louver-lens Museum, and other museums in Germany, Netherland, Spain , United Kingdom and China.

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